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Classic Gay Films – Dare ask a gay man for his list, and he’s likely to rattle off a few that come to mind quickly and then make amendments to it for the rest of your adult lives. Women don’t start with the same list.

Fire Island Fever

Hand in Hand – Fire Island Fever 1979

At a très gay Christmas party in Manhattan, some guests recall last summer on Fire Island, with very different memories of all the Boyfriend Drama! — and who was to blame. To say it up front: this 67 minute movie has barely 20 minutes of sex scenes. It’s hardcore alright – but not like today’s porn. The film is a faded snapshot of long ago. The style of the period with natural lighting, off-center framing of shots, low budget effects, etc. are deliberate choices to realize a very specific aesthetic. Or maybe they were all just really, really stoned. DOWNLOAD

Falcon Studios – The Big Ones (1990)

Falcon Studios – The Big Ones (1990) Initially, this was not one of my favorites. But after going back and watching it a second time, it actually holds up really, really well. After seeing it, you’ll probably shout out a “All hail Mr. Scarborough!” The true highlights here are not the outdoor shots (like the non-existent plot, they don’t matter) but the incredible “audition” Karl does at a dance/sex club. When he finally unleashes his dick in front of Rick, and buttfucks his bottle of beer, you’ll be gagging in ecstasy. Also, Rick pummels Josh towards the end of the...

Hawk Productions – The Academy (1970)

Hawk Productions – The Academy (1970) HAWK’S NEWEST! and perhaps greatest film ever! Featuring the international sensation ROGER in one of the HOTTEST sex education features ever to be set on film! You are there as 18 HOT STUDS get into the greatest cocksucking, assbanging educational sex class going! See how each of the instructors teach their ready and willing students the fine art of giving and getting satisfaction in every way possible! If you have not learned your lessons by the end of this hot, steaming, action laden film; then you will need to see it again and again!...

Trophy 7: Seamen – The Gay Navy (1983)

Trophy 7: Seamen – The Gay Navy (1983) 1. Seamen (short) Two sailors meet on a park bench. One is taller with improbably long hair (for a sailor) and the other shorter with shorter, thick hair that is starting to shrink back at the hairline. Both have lean bodies with modest but defined musculature and untrimmed crotches. 2. Doug (Brentwood) – 1974 Doug (bw) solo Bronzed blonde athletic looking Doug pulls on is I-can-barely-get-my-fingers-around-it sized injection rod. With the aid of some picture-less magazine he gets himself off to a slow motion 6″ spurt that rains back down on his...

Schoolmates (1976)

Schoolmates (1976) An artistic, action-packed pre-condom classic in which a bunch of big dicked, smooth, college-aged, lanky boys study each other’s anatomy more than textbooks. A cutesy narrator frames the vignettes, but with a soundtrack featuring the likes of Pink Floyd (unlicensed, to be sure), trippiness is more the order of the day. In the first interlude, a towering Kyle MacLachlan-lookalike sucks and fucks his shaggy-haired buddy. He’s obviously quite happy and almost fails to withdraw upon cumming. Then our young narrator introduces the hunky coach, who jerks off in front of his students – some syllabus, huh? However, the...

Printer’s Devils (1982)

Printer’s Devils (1982) Printer’s Devils lives up to it’s name. Michael Christopher, Derrick Stanton, & Jon King are certainly no angels when it comes to inter-acting with their co-workers at this Hollywood printing studio. This movie, by legendary Director William Higgins, did for “Blue Collar Worker’s” what “Pizza Boy” did for pepperoni sales! Now remastered for DVD…see it again, or for the first time!

The Portrait of Dorian Gay (1974)

The Portrait of Dorian Gay (1974) The Portrait of Dorian Gay is based on the story by Oscar Wilde, about a young man who doesn’t want to get older, yet the portrait of him in the attic reflects his ongoing age and purity. In this gay version The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Dorian commissions an artist to paint his portrait, the artist becomes so infatuated with Dorian that he gives the young aristocrat a magical ring. This ring turns Dorian into an irresistible god of love, with a hot body and a long thick cock. Dorian at this point starts...