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Himeros TV – Blindfolded Cock Play

I’m not sure if we’re allowed to give opinions in these torrent descriptions, but I have to say that this and the other five that follow are some of the hottest videos I’ve ever seen. See what you think.

MEN – He Calls To Me – Damien Stone and Ty Mitchel

Athletic cutie Ty Mitchell just wants a man for V-day, and sends out a wish into the universe! Handsome, muscular Damien Stone is his granted wish, who appears out of nowhere to tease, please, and fuck Ty with his juicy cock. Horny Ty can’t wait to suck on his dick before mounting him for a sweet ride.

Falcon – Beach Rats of Lauderdale – Devin Franco and JJ Knight

It’s night time in Fort Lauderdale. Do you know where your weed is? Devin Franco has to admit to his buddies that he got rolled in the park and it doesn’t go well. With nowhere to go and feeling deserted by his buddies, Devin rides his bike to a public restroom to drown his sorrows with big dick. When a car pulls up, he finds JJ Knight jacking off in the driver’s seat. Devin Franco can’t resist JJ’s monster cock and takes a quick taste. The two move the fun into the restroom where Devin Franco continues his expert cock...

Reality Dudes – Str8Chaser – Cole

Cole (formerly John at ActiveDuty) is a fitness nut and it shows since his body is sculpted like a Greek god! He also likes to show it off and for the right price, he’ll let you do some pretty hot things to that perfect body of his. This includes fucking his hot round ass while jerking him off and finishing with a facial, but again… for the right price.

Falcon – XXX-Fit – Scene #05 – Adam Gregory & Alam Wernik

Adam Gregory is training Alam Wernik at the gym, and when Alam takes his shirt off at the end of the session, Adam makes his move on the young stud. Alam can’t resist Adam’s manly touch and bends over to offer up his ass. Adam Gregory goes in deep with his tongue and opens Alam up, commenting on the tightness of his ass. Alam wants to get fucked but not before he gets a taste of Adam’s thick dick. He turns around to take Adam down his throat and when Adam Gregory is throbbing hard, Alam bends over again to...

MEN – Are You Real – Axel Kane and Shane Jackson

Ripped hunk Axel Kane is trying to masturbate when suddenly handsome, beefy Shane Jackson appears out of nowhere, and then suddenly disappears again. Dark-haired Axel isn’t sure if he’s dreaming or seeing things! He heads into the kitchen to get something to eat, and just like that Shane is back! Axel isn’t sure if he’s a real person or a figment of his imagination, but he’s too horny to care as Shane starts blowing him.

Film911 – Sebastian with Dr Smith & Nurse Jett

Fix it man falls in home and Nurse Jett timidly starts to touch him after flirting with him earlier. Wakes up and is told to see Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith does a neurological exam and Sebastian becomes disoriented and slips into coma. Smith asks nurse to examine abdomen and then movis his hand to belly button and so on. Then they move him into different positions and take photos. Then they bathe him with towels after removing the rest of his clothes. Clean feet and worship them. Strap him down. Then he comes around and struggles to get away and...

MEN – Holiday Humpday – Kit Cohen and Theo Ross

Handsome, muscular Theo Ross is home for the holidays, and extremely horny! He heads up into his room for some quiet masturbation time before dinner. Theo is so horny that he starts fucking the macaroni that his brother brought him, and is caught mid-way. He ends up downstairs, and fucks all the food that is on the table including a pie underneath the table. Soon enough his family catches him, and walks away as he basically just ruined dinner. He’s about to stuff the turkey when slender, fit Kit Cohen walks in to save the day! He finally gets some...

Behind Friends – Tomas Salek’s Lucky Day – Tomas Salek and Dirty Angel

Tomas Salek fills the void of another boring day by watching videos online. Scrolling through dozens of porn (straight and gay), Tomas tries to to find the one that will get his dick rock hard. But this was Tomas’ lucky day, as he receives a hand from his behind friend, the Dirty Angel. A burning desire to unload eats up Tomas on this freezing winter day. Not even the heating is enough to quell the longing to get his jizz of his cold tummy and chest. The porn he watches to turn him on doesn’t seem to be enough to...