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Extra Big Dicks – Sauna Sex – Joe Parker and Chandler Scott

As he sits in the sauna and begins to loosen up from the heat, Joe Parker starts to feel a little stirring in his shorts, so he figures he may as well make use of the time alone. That feeling quickly goes away though, as Joe gets himself so worked up that now he wishes someone else were here to share in the good times. Chandler Scott must’ve heard his call, or perhaps he just heard the moaning coming from the sauna and figured the getting was good, but however he arrives, he’s right in time to intercept Joe’s nut...

Corbin Fisher – ACM2579 – Andrew Gets Fucked by Kyler

Kyler’s a natural-born sex machine – he’s already gotten in to some incredibly hot action with his fellow CF studs, and demonstrated to us all he knows how to wield that big dick of his and really pound a hole. Just recently, Kyler also gave bottoming a shot. As we’d hoped and even expected, he was a natural at that also! Once he got used to the idea of giving it a go, he let the sensations take over and he blasted out what was perhaps the biggest load we’ve ever seen him shoot while getting drilled. So, Kyler’s already...

Naked Sword Falcon Studios – Wilde Road – Christian Wilde and Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter runs through fields with Christian Wilde and finds himself getting a little more than playful. After some tentative moves, Christian tries sucking off Jessie, who uses his Southern charm to encourage him to go even further. After taking turns bobbing, the boys move on to more serious matters – and from the wheelbarrow to the hammock and back again as Christian dives deep into Jessie’s sweet and slutty ass under the warm Sonoma sun. But when he cums, more than love slips out, and Christian realizes what he must do.

CockyBoys – Brock Banks and Cory Kane

Brock Banks brings his style of passionate dominance to Cory Kane and soon figures out just how naughty he can get with him in this condom-free scene. Soon after seducing Cory with kisses from his luscious lips, Brock feeds him his cock and face-fucks him just enough so that Cory wants more. And he feasts on Brock’s uncut cock even more when they move to the bed, locked in a hungry 69. Even when Brock takes a break in the middle of their 69 Cory Kane keeps on sucking but soon enough Brock takes his dominance up a notch. After...

Masqulin – Passed Out – Ace Quinn and Tanner Hall

Tanner Hall and Ace Quinn have been training for months for a marathon that takes place tomorrow. And, their girlfriends are ready to drop the health kick and start to party. But after their girls pass out, the two bros admit they have been watching each other during training and this might be the perfect time for them to explore each other’s hard cocks! Tanner tops Ace and gives him a glanding he will never forget. Will they be able to run the marathon now?

The Caddy And The Daddy Part 3 – Kaleb Stryker & Dirk Caber & Zander Lane and Dale Savage

Working as a caddy has made Zander Lane realize just how much there is to learn about golf… and he hasn’t learned any of it, since he’s been too busy chasing daddies instead! For his and fellow caddy Kaleb Stryker’s last day at the country club, they plan a foursome, hoping their sexy silver foxes will putt in their butts. The daddies undress their caddies and 69 before country club owner Dale Savage fucks Kaleb while avid golfer Dirk Caber fucks Zander doggystyle, then Dirk gets one caddy sitting on his dick and the other sitting on his face as...

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