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BiLatinMen – Mix and Xanthan

Xanthan con otro semental musculoso, ¡pero termina siendo la perra pasiva! Me gusta ir a algún lugar cálido cuando llega el invierno. Yo odio el clima frio. Planeo irme en dos días y quería divertirme rápido antes de la partida. Un amigo me prestó su plaza de aparcamiento, donde podía dejar mi coche mientras estaba en el extranjero. Mi idea para esta noche era encontrar un chico lindo, llevarlo a los garajes y follarlo allí mismo. Quería hacer algo loco. Ahora tenía que encontrar un chico que quisiera ir conmigo. En realidad, fue bastante fácil. Encontré al chico más guapo...

BiLatinMen – Xavy and Kovo

Kovo with another muscle stud, but ends up being the bottom bitch! I like to go somewhere warm when winter arrives. I hate cold weather. I plan leaving in two days and wanted to have a quick fun before the departure. A friend of mine lent me his parking space, where I could leave my car while being abroad. My idea for tonight was to find a cute boy, bring him to the garages, and fuck him right there. I wanted to do something crazy. Now I had to find a boy willing to go with me. It was quite...

William Higgins – Str8Hell – Ivan Zrzek vs Alexandr Jander – WRESTLING

Alexandr Jander and Ivan Zrzek are the two hotties who are paired up in this wrestling match. Dressed in only underwear they begin with some stretching exercises. Then the match begins and the guys are soon rolling all over the mats, playfully pulling at the underwear. Alexandr’s ass is soon bared as Ivan manages to pull off the underwear which exposes Alexandr’s cock and balls too. They grapple with each other, moving all over the floor. Alexandr manages to pull the underwear from Ivan too and then gets a very good neck hold which gives him the first point. With...

Yes Father – Impure Thoughts – Jay Tee and Jack Hunter

Missionary boy Jay Tee is getting ready for bed one night, while he is kneeling by his bed, his bedtime prayers get interrupted by Father Jack Hunter. He tells Jay that if he fulfills his fantasy with him, it might help him release all those impure thoughts from his mind, so he offers himself to Jay who willingly accepts.

ChaosMen – 2502 – Denver Dubois and Michael Mission RAW

He had a great connection with Denver Dubois, and I think Michael was surprised with how intense the feelings were in this video. They do make-out a lot in this video, and of course Michael is passive. He loves to suck a cock, and found that Denver’s dick fit perfectly in his ass. Denver had just the perfect dom vibe, and his verbal really turned Michael on. Denver fucks Michael doggie-style, while Michael makes it rain cum down on to the camera! Big load! Denver then cums on and inside of Michael, fingering Michael’s cum-dripping hole!

Raging Stallion – No Tell Motel – Chris Damned

Chris Damned sneaks into an occupied room and finds a suitcase full of clothes. He finds a pair of worn underwear and locks onto them, huffing them deeply while he strokes his thick uncut dick. Chris rubs the undies all over his tattooed body as he works his cock over. Clenching onto the underwear, Chris lays back and strokes out a hot load that hits him in the face. When he’s done, he uses the mystery underwear to clean himself up, put them back in the suitcase, and slips out unnoticed.

Falcon Studios – The Chalet – Josh Moore and Jim Durden

After a day skiing on the mountain, Falcon Exclusive Josh Moore heads back to his room. As he finishes taking off his clothes, he hears a knock at the door. Josh answers the door naked and finds BelAmi Exclusive Jim Durden from room service there to deliver a beverage. Impressed by Josh’s cock, Jim lets himself in and strips down before giving Josh a sopping wet hummer. From the tip down to the balls, Jim doesn’t waste an inch when it comes to savoring Josh’s cock down his throat. Impressed by Jim’s cock sucking skills, Josh throws Jim on the...

Kristen Bjorn – Daring Contrast – Jonathan Miranda and Jony Blond

It is in our contrasting differences that we find the beauty in others, such as Jonathan Miranda who loves reading and his bodybuilder boyfriend Jony Blond who must dedicate a large portion of his time to building his body to competition level. Finding the beauty in our differences builds a healthy respect and possible arousal. Jonathan admires Jony’s dedication and the amount of work that goes into his craft and Jony appreciates Jonathan’s thirst for knowledge and adventure. The two have learned how to combine their daring contrasts in highly creative ways. Pushups turn into a kissing sensation that of...

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