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Saxon Whacks Off - Nasty Boy Oliver Saxon & Max Carter

Saxon Whacks Off – Nasty Boy Oliver Saxon & Max Carter

North Carolina nasty boy Oliver Saxton gets grilled by masturbation maestro Max Carter. After chatting about working out and his favorite fetish which is underwear, we find out Saxton’s go-to hobby is fencing. A bit ironic considering Ollie will be doing some sword fighting with us here at Helix as well! Saxton tells Max he’s been exercising every day and is more than happy off show off for the camera. The golden boy looks gorgeous naked and gets massively marble hard when Carter handles his hefty hog with a hot hand job. Max gets our boy to bend over, spreading...

Squirtz - Jake Washington

Squirtz – Jake Washington

Jake Washington has a beautiful smile on those rare occasions when he flashes it, and it’s hard not to look into his beautiful blue eyes. But don’t expect them to be a window to his soul because Jake doesn’t give a lot away in his expressions. We know, however, that there’s a whole lot going on behind that calm exterior and we were surprised by some of his adventures. Having led a fairly sheltered youth, Jake has thrown off those repressive shackles and is now out to grab life by the balls, literally and figuratively. Doing this video is just...

Straight off Base - Private Oakes

Straight off Base – Private Oakes

Straight off base, USMC Private Oakes visits the Major’s place fresh out of boot camp at MCRD San Diego. He was born in Russia and comes to us from his adopted family in Utah. Private Oakes has only been in the fleet for two months and says “it’s tough” but he’s quickly adapting to the daily grind. Back in high school he played on the tennis and soccer teams and hit up the gym whenever he had the opportunity. He’s still a bit of a novice at sex but would like to explore some bondage activities down the road. He’s...

Straight off Base - Lance Corporal Parker

Straight off Base – Lance Corporal Parker

Straight off base, Lance Corporal Parker hits up the Major’s penthouse to escape the afternoon rain. He hails from Georgia and this smooth 20-year old “pocket-sized” Marine stands just 5’8″ and weighs in at 130 lbs. 

Parker says that back in high school he wrestled and played baseball ‘a little bit.’ He says that ‘classes were boring’ so he had to do something else to pass time.

The Major gets Lance Corporal Parker out of his clothes to show off his smooth, lanky body. Parker slowly strokes his uncut dick for us and deftly concentrates on his foreskin. Parker puts on...

Straight off Base - Major Briar Helping Hand

Straight off Base – Major Briar Helping Hand

Straight off base, USMC Lance Corporal Major Briar pays another visit to the Major’s place for some much-needed relief after a long week in the field back aboard base. Briar has been spending a good amount of his free time at the beach and in the base gym hitting the weights six days a week and it certainly shows! The Major gets Briar to remove his shorts and have some fun busting the load he’s been saving for over two days. Lance Corporal Briar lubes up his big cock and aggressively tugs away at his swollen nutsack before sliding a...

Straight off Base - Chayse Helping Hand

Straight off Base – Chayse Helping Hand

Straight off base, USMC Sgt. Chayse Helping Hand, returns to the the Major’s quarters after a long week training in the field to bust a load for the camera. Sgt. Chayse brings along his kevlar, boots and silkies – the “daisy-dukes” of the Marine Corps! The Major wastes no time in ordering Sgt. Chayse to get down to business and pull out his thick 8 inches of Marine weaponry. Chayse spends a good while stroking his cock until the Major jumps in to lend a helping hand and gets him to blast his cum-munition downrange past his knee.

HelixStudios - Beck Hartley Solo Session

HelixStudios – Beck Hartley Solo Session

New cummer Beck Hartley has a body to die for and a big beautiful round butt he’s happy to show off and spread wide as Carter delivers a few spankings! His cock is thick and meaty and both boys hands fit on it comfortably. Carter cups his balls while Heartley handles his massive meat. This newbie is a natural, already knowing to seduce the camera with bedroom eyes and spread his thighs to give us a look at ALL the goods. Nearly hairless except for a gorgeous happy trail which the bronze Adonis soaks and squirts WELL past with an...

All Australian Boys - Lance

All Australian Boys – Lance

Have you ever been to a Surf Lifesaving Carnival and seen a Australian Boys and wondered what it would be like to see him without his speedos on the floor getting sucked through a gloryhole by a guy while he watches straight porn. Well that’s exactly what we have for you this week. Lance is a Surf lifesaver from Geraldton W.A. who now lives in Perth where he rows surfboats for a local l club. We got some great shots of his magnificent strong body on the beach before getting him to the gloryhole for Sonny our expert sucker went...

HelixStudios - Landon Vega Solo Session

HelixStudios – Landon Vega Solo Session

Landon Vega is jailbait young but he’s DEFINITELY not little! This tattoo’d latin cutie comes to us from South Carolina with a just hint of a sexy southern drawl. Max chats him up and finds out he likes some pretty butch activities like hunting and fishing. He also finds out he’s got a GIGANTIC cock, which he pulls out and slaps against the boys tight torso. The thing is so heavy and thick it lands with a loud thud and gets harder with every whack! The kid’s dick is so beautiful it even has the cutest little beauty mark, it’s...

Latin Boyz - Deezie

Latin Boyz – Deezie

Our new model this week is a cute 21 year old Deezie from Arizona that really loves getting his dick sucked and likes to fuck doggy style. He didn’t tell us whether he was straight, gay or bi and said, “I guess the only way to find out is to get with me.” I’m sure there are lots of guys (and girls) out there that would love to do that!