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VideoBoys – Straight Boy Shawn Beliveau Learns About Anal Pleasure

We never thought we’d see the day. When we met Shawn Beliveau two years ago he was probably one of the straightest guys we’d ever met. He wasn’t homophobic but he was adamant that he was just for the ladies and had a reputation to maintain. But as time went by Shawn was exposed to more gay people and some of his attitudes started to soften. Then he did his first duo fucking Jake Bass and did a credible job as a top. Then by the time he had his second duo, topping Arnaud Chagall, his kissing and oral sex...

HomeMadeTwinks – Twinky Little Connor Pleasing Himself – Connor Jacobs

Cute does not start to describe sexy little Connor Jacobs. The boy is in the bedroom needing to acquire a good load out, and he knows how to reach that. He is a well-practiced masturbator, even though he’s got plenty of friends to aid with this cock he really loves kicking back and jerking off it. The smooth boy plays his climbing package in his panties before showing his solid length for the camera, wet with pre and prepared to be rubbed. See him showing off his tight hole, playing with his balls, then pumping his hard length in his...

William Higgins – Klark Junak – EROTIC SOLO

Klark Junak is aged 18 and lives in Plzen. This good looking str8 guy is a student who enjoys sports, tennis and cycling. Wearing spectacles that nicely adorn his handsome face he sits on the edge of the bed for his interview. Then Klark Junak lays on the bed and begins to run his hands all over his clothed body. Lifting his tee shirt he exposes some skin as he feels himself. He removes the tee shirt to bare his slim, sexy chest, with the pert nipples hard. One hand rubs the chest as the other gropes his jeans. Opening...

EastBoys – JD Black – Handjob – Casting

There is something captivating about JD Black… is it his smooth body with muscles of his tummy contracting, is it his quiet moaning of pleasure, or is it his juicy and sizable cock, this muscular snake awakening in hands of Mr. Hand Jobs . Or is it JD’s tight pretty asshole? Hard to tell because overall package is pretty damn good!

MaskurBate – Moving Muscles BTS

Behind-the-scene porn is getting more and more popular because you get to see the modelsinteract as they would in real life. This week’s update features Brad’s classic Moving Muscles.In this BTS version, in addition of exclusive never-seen-before shots, bloopers and uneditedsequences, you’ll see Brad in-between takes being directed by Pascal. A lot of members havebeen asking to see this so I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it! Have fun!

MaskurBate – Samuel

This week’s update is featuring newcomer Samuel. Beautiful, young, ripped and well-endowed, he’ll quickly make his way in this industry.

MaskurBate – Ricky’s Big Gun – Director’s Cut

I was so excited to revisit one of Ricky’s classics, Big Gun. Sometimes I feel less is more, and in this case, removing music, adding never before seen footage and letting Ricky’s breathing be the soundtrack, I think I made this one a lot more exciting to watch than the original release. In my opinion it’s a brand new scene and a must see for all of Ricky’s fans!

ZackRandall – Power Squirting With Str8 John Powers

It’s been said before but it needs to be said again, John Powers is a professional when it comes to cock pleasing. He’s an experienced masturbator who knows exactly how to worship and work his own engorged length and get those big balls pumping cream, and we’re all here for it. Check him out slipping his man meat out of his shorts on the couch, enjoying a little porn on his phone and truly working his cock like no other man has for our cameras. The big muscled hunk plays with his helmet, tugs his full balls, rolls his nuts...

StraightNakedThugs – Hard & Ready To Jerk It – Blinx

It goes without saying that inked bad boy Blinx is always horny. He turns up at the door without warning so regularly now that we have a camera on stand-by for just such an occasion! He’s in need of a good stroke, hard from the second his cock is out, quickly in his hand and working his meat for a quick but satisfying jerk off. Check him out and enjoy that inked body, and remember that he’s aiming for more art and needs to make the money to pay for it!