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Playtime With Brad Chase Ass & Max Carter

Playtime With Brad Chase Ass & Max Carter

Ever the erotic instigator with the perfect instincts playtime, Max Carter gets a LOT out of this sexy solo session with bronze beauty Brad Chase. They talk about his home town, New York, his hobbies, and as an added bonus, he even tells us his snapchat! Get you’re phones out boys, have a feeling this guys videos could be more fun than Grindr! Max massages every part of Brad’s perfect skin, even his fabulous feet. Then he massages Brad’s booty before cranking out a couple sexy spanks. Chase lounges back, legs spread and plays naughty with his nipples. This must...

One on One With Wyatt Walker & Max Carter

One on One With Wyatt Walker & Max Carter

Wyatt Walker gets wet and wild in this dick drencher! This twink is tremendously tasty. The fresh young stud teases us; slowly stroking his cock through his underwear while he fills the bathtub with water. As the water rises, so does the twink’s surprisingly super sized shlong. His big boner bursts way over the waistband of his sexy blue underwear. Dick director Max makes the kid show off his other great asset; spanking and rubbing the perfect plum as Wyatt’s wang continues to grow. As the tantalizing twink takes the tub, Carter caresses the kids cock while Walker rubs his...

Nathan Reed Solo & Max Carter

Nathan Reed Solo & Max Carter

Masturbation movie master Max Carter knocks it out of the park in this solo scorcher from Nathan Reed. After a little small talk we find out that Helix is Nathan’s absolute favorite part of the Florida native’s California trip. A few seconds into the video and you’ll be able to tell this is true. Reed loves the camera and the camera loves him. With his Nordic god good looks, rock hard rippling abs and ice blue eyes this heart throb could melt the polar ice caps! This kid knows how to work a camera AND his cock! Delicious director Max...

Broke Straight Boys - Jacob Durham Jerks Off

Broke Straight Boys – Jacob Durham Jerks Off

When we ask Jacob Durham to strip down, he’s not shy about dropping his clothes and showing us his sexy body! He puts a lot of work into those muscles every day, and it shows as he flexes them for us, losing his pants next and letting us see that huge cock. When we let him get started on his solo scene he certainly isn’t afraid of the camera, he grabs his dick and masturbates for us, stroking it up and down as he tries out all different positions. He plays with his balls and his nipples as he touches himself,...

LatinBoyz - Ruthless

LatinBoyz – Ruthless

When we asked 19 year old Ruthless what people are most surprised to find out about him he smiled and said, “That I have a nice big dick!” He then proceeded to pull it out and show it off. He’s not exaggerating. That is definitely one big & thick Mexican cock. He told us he has never fucked anyone in the ass but tried a couple times with females, but it hurt him more than the girls. Everyone that meets him thinks he’s very serious & hardcore but as you will see in his video next week he’s got a...

LatinBoyz - Jordan

LatinBoyz – Jordan

When one of our members, who referred Jordan to LatinBoyz, first saw him at Union Station in LA he thought he was cute… Cute enough that he tried to pick him up. He did manage to talk him into coming over for a drink or two and when he was relaxed asked to see his dick. Jordan was feeling pretty horny so he pulled out his big uncut Latino cock. Our member knew he had to get him to model for us. Luckily for us Jordan needed to make some money to pay for a trip back home to Arizona....

LatinBoyz - Bebeto

LatinBoyz – Bebeto

This serious-looking 18 year old with the cute bubble butt and nice uncut cock is our newest model Bebeto. He was born and raised in Los Angeles. He was on his High School wrestling team and will be on his college team this fall. He told us he’s horny 24/7 and this traight Latino twink loves getting his dick sucked more than anything.

LatinBoyz - Jae G

LatinBoyz – Jae G

If you love big Puerto Rican cocks and hot asses on Latino twinks you will love our newest model Jae G. We found him on social media where he had already posted a lot of hot photos and videos he made of himself so we asked him to show his stuff and make some $$$ here on LatinBoyz. He’s from Brooklyn and loves sex and is 100% versatile. We’re trying to convince him to do some videos with our other hot models and hope to have some good news soon.

Latin Boyz - Commando

Latin Boyz – Commando

This week’s new model is a cute 20 year old Mexican-American from Southern California that hates to wear underwear (hence the nickname Commando). He doesn’t want anything to slow him down from pulling that big uncut Mexican cock out when it’s time to fuck. And he told us he does a lot of fucking so we can see how that might be convenient. He’s tall at 6′ 3″ and skinny and proud of it telling us, “It’s not what you’re lacking but what your packing.”

Latin Boyz - Rico

Latin Boyz – Rico

If you love big uncut Latin dicks that have lots of foreskin you’re going to like this week’s new model Rico. And you ass lovers need not worry: He has a hot hairless ass and loves using it and his big uncut cock when having sex. He’s horny 24/7 and loves three ways and group sex. His hottest group was at a sauna where he had an orgy with 5 other horny guys.