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Bang Me Sugar Daddy – Anthony Rides Muscle Cock – Anthony Evans & Casey Williams

We would all love to suck on the hung twink cock of Anthony Evans or fuck his sweet little ass, and most of us would really love to have a powerful muscle hunk daddy like Casey Williams ramming us hard too. Check it out as Anthony Evans shoots his cum load over Casey’s chest while he’s riding that muscle cock, and he doesn’t even jerk it out! Prostate pleasure is a wonderful thing!

No Fighting – Tommy Bluezz and Matthew Grande

He has several tattoos on his arms and neck. The suspect has been apprehended after reports that a major fight has broken out. In the interrogation room, the suspect claims that the fight was caused by a dispute over a romantic relationship with another man. The Officer on duty determines that immediate disciplinary action is necessary, and he makes use of his baton in carrying out protocol. The suspect fully submits to the will of the Officer, obeying all orders. The rest of this case is classified.

Twink Loves Experienced Dick – Kyle Lucas and Pan Bash

Kyle Lucas might not be considered your usual daddy type, but up against cute and smooth little Pan he definitely fills that role, as well as the boy’s ass! The two are perfectly suited, after some good sensual kissing those big dicks are being licked and sucked and Pan shows how greedy he can be getting all that cock down his throat with some deep oral. That seems to get Kyle a little more worked up, he’s soon plunging that cock into the boy’s hole and fucking him all over the bed, making eye-contact and really getting off on fucking...

Deep Games – Realrey Mesa and Guido Plaza

Sexy muscled mate Guido Plaza returns on Fuckermate and this time bottoms for the porno debut of Realrey Mesa, a Cuban top newcomer that knows very well how to satisfy a man. Guido is the first to get a taste of the big juicy cock of this newbie horny Latin and Realrey does not miss the opportunity to raw pumps and pounds the welcoming ass of his buddy like a pro.

The Monster 3 Sacrificial Lamb – Cole Blue Legrand Wolf

Cole Blue is stripped and mesmerized in the hidden underground temple of his host, unaware of the handsome stranger’s long past, and the secrets contained within its walls. The young man is subdued and hypnotized, making him a passive and willing offering to the tentacled creature. The athletic boy’s body is explored, probed, and massaged; all leading to a forced orgasm that leaves the young man spent and covered in cum! Following this, his body is triggered to undergo an unexpected change, an exciting and terrifying experience that’s made all the more confusing by the presence of another.

Robin Tesarek and Hugo Antonin RAW – CHERRY BUSTING

Sexy Robin Tesarek has appeared in several videos already, but this particular one, with Hugo Antonin is where he got his cherry busted. Sitting on the bed Robin answers some questions. He is joined by Hugo Antonin and they get right into some action as they kiss. Hugo rubs Robin’s chest as they kiss. He helps him remove his tee shirt to bare a sexy chest. Then Hugo gropes Robin’s jeans too as they continue to kiss. He opens the jeans and reaches inside to feel Robin’s cock. Then he takes off his own tee shirt too. Hugo’s jeans are...

Studying Hard – Kai Locks and Mason Dean

With his head in book, Mason Dean gives up reading and decides to study his body instead. He starts stroking his cock and gets caught by Kai Locks who’s already aroused. Kai shows that he can teach him a thing or two about pleasure as well, putting the ‘stud’ in studying.

Its Clone OClock – Johnny Ford and Jace Madden

When my mom goes on a trip, my loving stepdad wants to surprise her with a special gift – a mold of his hard cock. I’m not surprised by his overt sexuality any more, I just hope he asks me to help. Luckily, he does, so I kneel down and work his dick until it’s rock solid. I slobber on the head of his boner and suck hard until it’s completely swollen and ready for my asshole. I sit on his big dick, and it fills me up completely. Then, I lap up a dollop of his creamy semen.

Corbin Fisher – ACM2614 – Malec’s Double Tap with Mitch and Zander

Three’s company in this hot episode, as Malec has his way with both Zander and Mitch! With Malec being the insatiable top with a dick that doesn’t quit, and Zander and Mitch each always down to get railed, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put all three of these guys together for an intense, hardcore threeway. When two tops take turns on a bottom it’s a “tag team”, but I’m not entirely sure what you call it when one sexy, hung top rails two guys over and over. Either way, the results are mindblowingly hot. Don’t worry about Zander...

The Gorgeous Gardener – Trevor Harris & Seth Peterson

Trevor Harris can’t understand why his buddies have never talked to their sexy gardener, Seth Peterson. After all, they gather together with popcorn twice a week and watch the sexy stud! So, Harris bets the boys he can get his number. With his buddies watching from the window, Trevor walks outside with a glass of water, and some serious game. When he let’s Seth in on the bet, the too cute twosome decide to give his buddies a good show, which leads the pair upstairs to finish what they started. He services the gorgeous gardener on his knees, before finding...

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