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BaitBus - Buff Straight Guy Gets Tricked

BaitBus – Buff Straight Guy Gets Tricked

The crew was out hunting the streets of Miami, when they spotted some buff straight guy relaxing by the water. You know what they say, ‘the bigger they are the harder they fall’, and he fell for it alright. He got in the van thinking he was getting his fist piece of asian pussy (the bait). She asked him to wear a blindfold while she gave him a blow job. That’s where Rico jumped in with his warm man mouth. Big guy was really enjoying getting his dick sucked (by a man), but eventually had to check out the scene....

Blowjob In the city - Brandon Jones & Samuel Stone

Blowjob In the city – Brandon Jones & Samuel Stone

I have traveled all over the world and i must say montreal is the sexiest city there is. Its vibrant, full of energy and guys are hot and always ready for action. Talking of action, queermenow blog came to the city to have an exclusive interview with Sam and I and wanted to see the behind the scene of our shoots. So we got a hotel with a view to show what we were made of. Stripping slowly, kissing passionately my boyfriend and show what real connection was. Watch us devour each other hard dick till one and the other...

Huge Raw Spanish Cock for Caleb King

Huge Raw Spanish Cock for Caleb King

Our Canadian golden beast huge raw Caleb King meets the Spanish bareback fucker by excellence Koldo Goran. Two Timtales Exclusives in this scene of deep raw hole breeding. “Fuck me!” says Caleb repeatedly while Koldo gladly answers the call with his patented raw strokes. That massive thick cock definitely impressed Caleb inside and out!

Double seeding of newcomer Fabio Toba - Fostter Riviera & Fabio Toba

Double seeding of newcomer Fabio Toba

Timtales is excited to introduce a bareback newcomer: Fabio Toba. Opening that raw hole for the first time is Timtales exclusive Fostter Riviera. And he’s at his best! Fostter teaches Fabio how to take a thick cock deeply with confidence. He starts by cumming in his muscle ass to lube it naturally and fucks him till completion.

Broke Straight Boys - Flip Gives Oliver Saxon A Creampie

Broke Straight Boys – Flip Gives Oliver Saxon A Creampie

Flip tells Oliver Saxon about his job as a personal trainer, which leads Oliver into some questions about what he can do to fix a pulled muscle from lifting…of course Flip was eager to help work it out for him! After a little massage, Flip takes off Oliver’s clothes and kisses his sweet ass, slipping his tongue between Oliver’s ass cheeks and rimming his sensitive hole while Flip reaches down between his legs and plays with his own member. Flip gets himself hard while he gets Oliver’s ass wet and then climbs on the bed, spreads Oliver’s ass and slides...

SeanCody - Jakob & Blake Bareback

SeanCody – Jakob & Blake Bareback

Jakob is back to fuck some ass – something he hasn’t done before with a guy, and Blake is happy to show him the ropes! “Me and Blake are going to explore, and we’ll see where it goes!” We had to add something, “I think Blake’s explored every avenue here at Sean Cody.” Jakob replied, “Well, he’s gonna explore my avenue today!” Blake loved that answer, and ultimately set the mood for the day. Let’s just say that Blake broke the new guy in really well!

Raw and Real - Ft Donte Oxun and L Ryder

Raw and Real – Ft Donte Oxun and L Ryder

You know we like it when a man Donte Oxun is all hairy and natural but when we find two we go fucking crazy…and luckily these two went crazy for each other! This is how it went…Donte was filming and it got a little loud, but we heard some dudes fucking next door and thought we were fine. Well, there was a knock at the door and we swore it was security. It turns out L just got finished getting dicked but craving more, and since he heard our action he figured he might get some. He asked if he...

Hard Subject - Evan Parker & Hunter Graham

Hard Subject – Evan Parker & Hunter Graham

College cutie pie Hunter Graham is having a hard time hard subject with calculus. When your calculus tutor’s cock is even harder, now you’ve got yourself into quite an equation! Evan Parker is this hottie’s tutor and try as they might, there are TWO giant things keeping their minds off math and laser focused on one another’s other talents…. Sucking cock! Both student AND teacher are on pretty equal ground pound for pound in the penis department. They down each other’s dicks with youthful aggression till Parker parks his tongue in Hunter’s super smooth hindquarters. Then, with a spank he...

All Australian Boys - Lance

All Australian Boys – Lance

Have you ever been to a Surf Lifesaving Carnival and seen a Australian Boys and wondered what it would be like to see him without his speedos on the floor getting sucked through a gloryhole by a guy while he watches straight porn. Well that’s exactly what we have for you this week. Lance is a Surf lifesaver from Geraldton W.A. who now lives in Perth where he rows surfboats for a local l club. We got some great shots of his magnificent strong body on the beach before getting him to the gloryhole for Sonny our expert sucker went...

Czech Hunter 289

Czech Hunter 289

It was not snowing today Czech Hunter 289 so I decided to try hunting at the Prague Zoo. I had a great time walking around and looking at loads of young guys. Finally, I stumbled upon a nice couple enjoying their day off. They let me join them and we had a nice talk. Unfortunately, the girl got a little annoyed by my attempts to seduce her boyfriend. He was a handsome blond young man. He had an innocent look and fabulous body. And I shouldn’t forget to mention his huge cock. His girlfriend left in anger after he agreed...

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