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8Teenboy - Dustin Cook Solo

8Teenboy – Dustin Cook Solo

It doesn’t get FRESHER than nasty young newbie Dustin Cook. Max Carter chats with the adorable jailbait jack off junior who looks like he just stepped off the set of “Saved by the Bell.” We find out looks can be deceiving! The adorable kid has more than a few kinks and discusses them confidently AND in dirty detail. The boy wonder chats choking, spanking, hair pulling and more, VERY specifically. He also enjoys being both dom and sub. This scene is all about getting to know our newbie and checking under the hood. He pulls down his colorful undies to...

Two Twinks have Passionate Bareback Sex Bill Williams

Two Twinks have Passionate Bareback Sex Bill Williams

Luis Blava is bringing Passionate us yet another episode from what seems to be a Dexter kill den, with two hot dudes working on first sucking each others cocks, then ass licking and finally passionate bareback sex. Cocks are hard like a rock, and if you want to see pure passion this is it. Fuck is hard and cum is real and plentiful.

Dirty Scout 104 - Fuck my neighbour 18yo in my bed

Dirty Scout 104

I’m not very good at languages. Interviewing this boy Dirty Scout 104 made it quite clear. He was really good and I tried to impress him, only to make a fool of myself. Well, stuff happens. I decided to have my revenge on the boy. I wanted to make him moan and beg. He was a normal guy, he didn’t want to get naked or anything else. But you know how things usually go… My offers are just irresistible. I wanted to be harsh to this cute boy… Instead he almost looked like he was having fun! He gave me...

Introducing Gabriel Martin & Jeremy Price

Introducing Gabriel Martin & Jeremy Price

Gorgeous Venezuelan Gabriel Martin just joined our Helix family and know everyone wants to dive deep inside our freshest piece. We’ve paired the lusty latin heart throb with beautiful blond boy Jeremy Price to get all the goods on our newbie. Not only is Gabriel Martin stunningly gorgeous, but smart and quick as a whip. He holds nothing back, chatting with Jeremy about books, college and of course, cock! This kid is the total package, mind, body, booty and a beautiful bronze uncut boner that Price is absolutely dying to dine on! Price rolls out the wet welcome wagon and...

Perfect Weekend - Jake Bass and Alex Vaara

Perfect Weekend – Jake Bass and Alex Vaara

Jake Bass and Alex Vaara are like a match made in heaven Perfect Weekend. They are both young, cute, and full of cum. So the little fucks decided to ditch all the big muscle boys for the weekend and instead spend a few days alone, getting to really know each other. It was so cute watching them flirt and waiting to see who will make the first move. Finally, the top Perfect Weekend in Jake Bass came out and it was time for Jake to reign. He got Alex all sweaty from the bike ride and then straight to the...

Breeding His Little Pucker - Cameron Hilander & Chris Summers

Breeding His Little Pucker – Cameron Hilander & Chris Summers

Cameron is so cute, he’s just the kind of boy Chris loves to fuck Breeding. The hung young star is soon sucking on the handsome boy’s throbbing cock, but his own long and meaty tool is soon out for the same kind of special attention. These boys are so passionate and so into it you can see just how genuine their encounter is, but that only becomes more obvious when Chris Breeding eases his naked shaft between those smooth little twink boy cheeks and proceeds to pound his buddy all over the bed. There are some great positions, with Chris...

Daddy Issues - Ariel Vanean Fucks Jordan Faris

Daddy Issues – Ariel Vanean Fucks Jordan Faris

There is something a little bit different about Ariel Vanean in this scene, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is… image September this year marks a very special anniversary for Ariel as well. It will be 10 years since he walked into our studio for his casting. Despite his youthful appearance, it also makes him one of the oldest of our active models. Today we have him paired up with Jordan Faris, who despite not being a newcomer himself, still can probably learn a lot from Ariel Vanean.

Bel Ami - Kevin and Marcel

Bel Ami – Kevin and Marcel

Although you have seen Marcel only as a bottom so far, he is currently ‘in training’ to be a top, and to his surprise everyone thinks he will also make an outstanding top. Both of these guys are naturally sensual lovers, so in their first scene together you can expect this to come through, with lots of kissing, caressing and tenderness.

Jock Hunter - Chip Tanner fucks Brock Avery

Jock Hunter – Chip Tanner fucks Brock Avery

It’s a yoga instructor Chip Tanner. Hot stud Brock Avery checks out the scenery looking to see who’s hanging out at the beach. Something catches his attention. They go back home for non-stop anal pounding action. Leaving each other very well satisfied. Now that’s what he fuck I’m talking about.

Naptime - Gabe Isaac & Julian Bell

Naptime – Gabe Isaac & Julian Bell

Julian Bell wakes up with with gargantuan Gabe Isaac in his arms. Talk about waking a sleeping GIANT! Julian gets his knob gobbled by Isaac before Gabe gets up and fucks the pretty blond boy’s face. Watching the little twink TRY to swallow the monster is hot as hell. Then, Gabe just sits back and lets Julian’s family jewels slide up his hot little hole bareback as Bell’s balls slap upwards, hitting the smooth peach of an ass on Isaac. Julian Bell glides around to sit on Gabe’s face as the big dicked dynamo spreads Bell’s smooth cheeks and fucks...