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Bang The Skinhead

Machofucker – Bang The Skinhead

Damn, this is rough shit! Peto Coast, our new Dutch Machofucker, and Cuban stud Alex joined together to fuck the shit out of a new sexy skinhead-slut from Germany, Marcel. They truly took their turns on the boy with no mercy, banged that slut hole like there is no tomorrow and dumped their loads into the poor boys`ass. Interracial hardcore gangbang at its best.

Lover of my lover

Lover of my lover

The great love affair of Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer is over. Will either learn to love another? Of course! But not without incurring jealousy and competition as they each compete for the attention of our newcomers. Kevin’s advantage is that he works in the studio which grants him easy access to the nubile newbies. We’re all aware of Jack’s large, uncut advantage. This week their mutual prize is Jerome Exupery, who views himself as the winner of their competition.

Blacks On Boys

Blacks On Boys – Chris Abbot & Ray Diesel

It’s tough being a white boy in a holding cell, and we hear everything from jokes to horror stories when there’s a big black man and a white boy caged in a 10′ x 10′ cell. What’s even worse is no matter how loud our poor white boy screams for the guard, those screams are going unanswered. This is a place where “I’m not gay!” doesn’t matter at all. “No one is gay in here,” the Black Man says, as he crams his over-sized dick deep into white boy’s ass. Black man is the Barn Boss for sure, and he’s...

Debt Dandy 130

Debt Dandy 130

This time I made quite a long trip to the countryside. A young boy decided to renovate his house. I presume he wanted to turn this former farm house into something more comfortable. Too bad he underestimated the cost of such endeavor. He run out of money before the work could be finished. He was scared to let his girlfriend see the house in such state. I didn’t understand why would it be such a problem but my job is not to judge other people’s motivations. I’m here to help and to have some fun in the process. The boy...

Ronny Howard

Ronny Howard and Sam Brooks

After making out, horny bareback twinks Sam Brooks and Ronny Howard strip down for some action. Dark-haired Sam is always up for sucking cock and he devours Ronny before giving up his own big dick for service. The blond is eager to return and he stretches his mouth wide to take the large cock. But Ronny soon gets an itch deep in his soul that he needs scratched and there’s no better way to satisfy that craving than with a young hunk with a big dick pumping away, deep and raw. The bareback twinks fuck hard, with Sam taking Ronny...

Ricky Ibanez

Eduardo Picasso Fucks Ricky Ibanez

Today we see the sensational Tim Tales premiere of 23 year old Eduardo Picasso from Brazil. When we saw him naked first we couldn’t believe our eyes. He might well have the biggest cock in porn and we are very proud to have him on our site from now on. His scene partner Ricky Ibanez faced his biggest challenge but he did really well. And so this scene turned out to be one of the best this year. Check it out.

Czech Hunter 238

Czech Hunter 238

I was picking up a broken camera from a repair shop when I run into a very interesting young boy. We both waved at the same taxi passing by. After a small fight we decided to share the car as we both headed the same direction. The boy was super sweet and only 18 years old. When he mentioned his girlfriend, I got really interested. I can’t resist sweet and cute straight guys like him. After a few minutes of small talk he told me a very important piece of information. He had a drunk gay experience involving a French...

Davey Griffith

Squirtz – Davey Griffith

Little read head Davey Griffith looks a bit younger than his 18 years but if you talked to him without seeing him, you might think he’s quite a bit older. Intelligent, a bit nerdy, blond hair and ginger pubes, Davey is a unique entry into the world of erotic video. Davey’s youthful looks and small stature lull you into thinking that maybe this is just another loveable but harmless twink. But when he whips out his rock-hard, 8.5 inch cock with sinister pride, you know there’s more to Davey than meets the eye.

Brian Bonds & Dolan Wolf – FFuck Buds

Brian Bonds came to us from our friend at Mr S Leather. He’s a sexy guy who’s into getting his butt STRETCHED. Dolan Wolf happened to be in town for a few days – so we put him to work! He fists & punches Brians hole out until his big dick flops out of his jock looking for attention. Then with a fist in his ass, Brian gives one back to Dolan!

Jason Sterling

Levi Jackson Fucks Jason Sterling

Levi Jackson is still getting broken in as a newbie here on BSB, but Jason Sterling knows to go a little easy on him, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a damn good time for Levi!  In fact, Levi gets top notch treatment from Jason as he kisses him, pulling off Levi’s shirt and licking his nipples as he works his way down to that big dick, taking it in his mouth and sucking that cock so hard. But after Jason gives Levi such awesome head, he expects some in return and Levi goes down on Jason, a little...

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