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Dad Creep – Birthday Boy – Thyle Knoxx and Manuel Skye

It’s my stepson’s birthday, so I want to surprise him with breakfast in bed and some cute balloons. But when I barge into his room, I find the twunk watching gay porn and touching himself on his bed! I can hardly believe my eyes, but I can’t help but be a little turned on. I want to see what the boy has taught himself watching all that porn, so I lick his pulsing asshole and jerk his cock to get him ready for my big dick. Then, I fuck his aching bussy raw, filling him up with my swollen man...

The Lake House – Episode Three – Jacob Hansen & Brian Gibson and Garrett Kinsley

A game of Never Have I Ever brings out the beast in the boys, sending Brian Gibson, Garrett Kinsley and Jacob Hansen into a hellishly hot threesome! Kinsley sets the ball rolling by daring his two new friends to make out, then joins in on the fun as the guys shed their shirts. Bold beauty Brian orders the boys onto the bed, then drops to his knees. He starts tuning up Hansen’s tripod, while Kinsley drops trou, displaying his tremendous talent which is in desperate need for oral attention. With a cock in each hand, Gibson goes between both boys,...

Sean Cody – 2704 – Dennis & Calvin and Jordan Bareback – POP-UP

Enjoy this throwback to a true porn landmark: Sean Cody’s first ever bareback scene! Dennis, Calvin, and Jordan were so excited to get started, they asked to skip the interview and get right to the sex. Denis and Jordan team up to tease cutie Calvin as they strip him down and suck his cock, and Jordan is the first to get fucked as he takes Calvin’s huge cock in missionary. But don’t worry; in this film, everyone will have a turn to both top and bottom. The hunks pile one on top of the other in a man train, and...

Brother Crush – While You Were Resting – Dean Diego and Paul Diego

I haven’t been able to catch a wink and it’s driving me crazy. So, I figure if I go check on my older stepbrother, he might be able to help me get to sleep. Turns out, the guy is resting soundly when I creep into his room. Wow, he’s so gorgeous with his eyes closed. Maybe touching myself until my boner goes away will help me get some shut eye. Forget it, I want to feel his asshole on my dick. Get up, Paul, and let me jerk my cock with your hand. Now, show me that asshole so I...

Swipe Right For Creeper – Ashtin Bates & Jason Collins

Young Latin cutie Ashtin Bates is done dealing with horny randos on dating apps. After failing to find a good match he decides to just jerk off but is suddenly interrupted by some dirty talking creep on the phone. Ashtin half-jokingly dares the guy to come fuck him then the call ends. BOOM! Creeper appears and ties up the frightened little slutty boy. Creeper takes his time teasing, choking, and electro-shocking Ashtin before finally drilling him. He pounds Astin’s ass very hard then sprays him with a gooey facial cumshot.

Domination Delivered – Guy Lima & Jason Collins

Husky Latin hottie Guy Lima is incensed waiting for his special package (a new dildo) to arrive. When the package finally arrives he rudely tells off the delivery guy. Not a smart move buddy. Later, when he’s breaking in his new toy he gets a lewd call from some mysterious creep. Like the horny manwhore he is, Guy invites the creep to come and fuck him. Within seconds the creep, the delivery guy in a mask, appears and restrains the frightened slut then puts him through a BDSM whirlwind. Edging, bondage, sensory deprivation, electro shocking and brutal rough sex. Afterwards...

Bookworm Broken – Aaron Perez & Jason Collins

Sexy Latin boy Aaron Perez is lying in bed reading when he gets a call from a mysterious creep, vowing to fuck him. Aaron brushes him off and dares him to try to to get into his house. Creeper quickly pops up, grabs him and ties him up. Creeper takes his time tormenting sexy slutty Aaron, putting a chastity belt on him and stretching out his ass with various toys. Next he brutally fucks Aaron’s little brown ass like a savage then sprays him with a massive facial.

Filthy Top Tidy Bottom – Cesar Xes and Max Blairwood

Neat freak Max Blairwood’s slob roommate promised to clean up their dorm, but then he went out to the club instead. Cesar Xes promises Max he’ll tidy up if Max gives him a hand with his blue balls. Max starts sucking his roomie’s dick and before he knows it he’s on all fours getting pounded doggystyle! Max’s tight hole has Cesar dripping tons of precum as he rides that cock, and the filthy top fucks his roommate till even Max makes a mess with his load, then pulls out to cum too. Cesar will clean up… tomorrow.

ChaosMen – 2474 – Oops! CUMpilation Juiced

We always have a few guys that are quick shooters. They usually are just very excited to be fucking around, while others just need to shoot a load (or two!) before they can confidently fuck. Jet is our most infamous multiple ejaculator, but there were a surprising number of guys who lost it while fucking or being fucked. Byron always came easily while being fucked. Roby never made it all the way through his solo be he accidently shot his load. His issue carried over to his Serviced video. Even while topping, Roby found it was difficult to keep the...

Helix Academy – Latin Campus Chapter 4 – The Party

Night in Buenos Aires, the end of the days has come and the boys want to have fun and have some drinks at GIORGIO ANGELO’s house. SONNY DAVON has taken too much and begins to imagine his new friends without clothes. It is a good idea that everyone is relaxed, without clothes and a party well up! FELIX HARRIS is going to follow him and everything is unleashed in a very delicious gangbang!

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