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Debt Dandy 194 - Italy Gay boy return for my money

Debt Dandy 194

I usually meet boys Debt Dandy 194 who screwed things up and need my help to fix it. This boy was definitely an exception. His ex-girlfriend was the cause of his problems. She threw a pretty wild party in their flat, without our boy knowing about it. And they trashed the place up pretty badly. Once the boy got home and saw what happened, he broke up with her and kicked her out. She refused to take the responsibility so he had to pay for all the repairs. The flat wasn’t his, it was his brother’s, who was returning from...

Czech Hunter 303 - Czech young innocent gay boy

Czech Hunter 303

It seem summer finally came to Prague. Nice weather had brought out people Czech Hunter 303 to enjoy sports. My eye was on rollerbladers today. Again I went to the biggest rollerblading circle in Prague looking for a nice catch. The place was full of busy people but I managed to find a nice blonde guy who just was packing his stuff. He was very cute and looked quite young. Actually I was in the mood for some young innocent boy. And he told me some interesting things. Most importantly, he was single, unemployed, and broke. A perfect candidate. We fooled...

Dirty Scout 84 - Young Gay Teen Job Interview Surprise

Dirty Scout 84

I haven’t seen such a shy boy for a long time. Apparently Dirty Scout 84 this was his first ever job interview. I didn’t know what ideas he had about how interviews work but he was in for a surprise. Poor boy was so nervous, he could barely speak. From what I got out of him, his only real job was gardening. Not very manly in my opinion. At least he wanted a driver job… I had one nicely paid one in store. The boy was definitely a looker with a lean body. I wasn’t going to give him the...

Bentley Race - Valentin Defarge fucks Reece Anderson

Bentley Race – Valentin Defarge fucks Reece Anderson

Valentin Defarge is a charismatic French twink Reece Anderson who spent a few years showing those of us in the Aussie gay scene his powers of taking any cock. I know a couple of monsters he’s taken in that ass, but now he’s developing his skills as a sensual top. Reece Anderson is a newcomer to the scene, a cute young country boy who is now making his way on to the scene as an actor and dancer, and he’s only 19. The boys suck and kiss before Valentin rims out Reece’s ass, and Reece is clearly in heaven. Then,...

Bentley Race - Valentin Defarge fucked by Damien Dyson

Bentley Race – Valentin Defarge fucked by Damien Dyson

French twink Valentin Defarge sucks and is fucked by Aussie Damien Dyson. Valentin spent a few years in Melbourne, and he made his way around the gay scene where he is known for being a submissive and cock-hungry bottom. (I’ve pounded his ass myself, and it feels so good.) A gorgeous guy in person and that passion comes across on the screen. Damien is also a passionate performer.

HelixStudios - Introducing Chris Keaton & Max Carter

HelixStudios – Introducing Chris Keaton & Max Carter

Blonde Adonis Max Carter welcomes fellow all American apple pie fair haired newbie Chris Keaton to Helix in this blond boy bang fest! Fresh from Iowa, Keaton shares his college boy dreams and fantasies with with Mr. Max, chatting about college life, what he’s into and revealing he’s a bit of an exhibitionist that aims to please his partner. Max likes what he hears and is anxious to put the kid to the test. Our newbie has a nice fat cock and Max makes a meal out of it before delivering a fierce face fucking to the kids pretty mouth....

Cocksuremen - John Magnum & Adam Russo playfully toss

Cocksuremen – John Magnum & Adam Russo playfully toss

John Magnum and Adam Russo playfully toss each other about on the bed. Both studs wear jockstraps and Adam’s thick dick is clearly poking out the top as they tumble. John winds up on top of Adam and pulls the jock aside revealing an already rock hard erection. Adam’s butthole winks as John goes down on Adam’s meat. John stands up and Adam aggressively deep throats John’s thick pole. John makes Adam choke on it and the lays back for Adam to ride him. John’s cock is so thick it would give a power bottom pause but Adam’s ass eats...

College Boy Done Raw - Ryan Raz & Max Henry

College Boy Done Raw – Ryan Raz & Max Henry

Hookin’ up with College Boy Ryan Raz is a college boy’s dream; he tops like your “hole” body is his. When I asked if he wanted to hang out and chill, he said, “I prefer to get sweaty.” After some deep kissing, I went down on the dude, damn that precum was sweet. Grabbing my ass, he turned me around and started to feast; his wet tongue felt awesome. Switching up positions, Ryan stayed hard and deep the entire time; he fucked me raw. When I rode him, he still maintained control over me touching my dick just to tease...

Passionate FUCK with Zach Douglas and Forrest Marks

Passionate FUCK with Zach Douglas and Forrest Marks

Two Passionate lovers makes for a great video. Zach Douglas and Forrest Marks fuck so intimately. I love how both these guys really enjoy what they’re doing. Forrest Marks is always great to work with because he can suck a mean dick, eat an amazing ass, and gets fucked like it’s his hobby. Zach Douglas loves to talk dirty, and dick you down with his nice thick cock. Another video that I loved filming and worth watching. Also turns me on knowing Forrest Marks swallows every load possible.

Rowan Adams Fucking Mikah Until He Is A Cum Covered Mess

Rowan Adams Fucking Mikah Until He Is A Cum Covered Mess

Rowan Adams is eager to show Mikah Lake how he does porn, and when Mikah gives him the okay to teach him a thing or two, Rowan kneels on the bed, pulls his pants down and puts his dick in Mikah’s mouth. Mikah sucks and deepthroats that big cock until it’s hard, playing with the bulge in his own boxers while he sucks Rowan off. Mikah leans back on the bed and lets Rowan give him some oral, letting out little moans of pleasure as Rowan sucks on Mikah’s balls and licks that shaft and then bends Mikah over and...