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Staxus - Ric Jones and Julien Breeze

Staxus – Ric Jones and Julien Breeze

They were two of the most familiar twinks on the circuit in the mid-2000s – appearing in a whole retinue of productions for both STAXUS and other Czech studios – and this terrific set-piece between the Roman-nosed Ric Jones and the iconic Julien Breeze underlines the on-screen sexual confidence that made them so popular. Indeed, is there any gay guy alive who wouldn’t give their hind teeth to enjoy a little time with either of these fellows? Put them together in a college locker-room and you have a veritable classic; beginning with Breeze falling to his knees and giving Jones’s...

Handy Handyman - Markie More and Wesley Woods

Handy Handyman – Markie More and Wesley Woods

Wesley Woods is looking to shake everything up. With he and his lover recently separated, Wesley is thinking about doing some redecorating to kind of freshen up the lingering memories. Wesley and his previous boyfriend have used a handyman, Markie More, for quite some time, but honestly Wesley’s ex was more involved with over-seeing him, and if Wesley is being honest with himself, Markie isn’t that good of a handyman. Wesley conveys as much to Markie who sees his cushy gig about to be terminated, so he resorts to some fast talking and Wesley decides he’ll give him one more...

Ashton Summers Pounds Dillon Rossi

Ashton Summers Pounds Dillon Rossi

It’s getting a little chilly on the back patio so Ashton Summers and Dillon Rossi decide to build a fire to warm things up a bit. The find a lighter and grab some firewood and before you know it a roaring fire is blazing up the early evening. They lay back on the couch as Ashton Summers gently strokes Dillon’s rock hard cock inside his shorts. They quietly talk about how happy they are to have some time together and before you know it they’re passionately making out. Grinding their mouths together and staring into each other eyes. Ashton sees...

Czech Hunter 259

Czech Hunter 259

I went to a nice lake in the outskirts of Prague. Czech Hunter 259 a really nice place, especially if you want to go for a family trip. I was in a mood for some outdoor action, with the romantic undertone. In the local beach restaurant I found a young boy. He was in Prague on vacation but looked a bit disappointed. I was definitely going to change his plans. The cutie was a bit shy and he didn’t like anything gay related. But the money is always hard to resist. The idea of having the best summer holidays ever...

Big Bareback Cum Shots - Jason Valencia and Tyler Thayer

Big Bareback Cum Shots – Jason Valencia and Tyler Thayer

They’re both horny, both hung, and both desperate to unload their cum! Tyler Thayer and Jason Valencia look so good together you might have trouble lasting to the end of this cum squirting bareback fuck when you see them feasting on each other, but stick around if you can. Jason delivers the goods, fucking his friend and filling him up with that enormous curved cock, making Tyler spew his semen out all over himself before splashing his own cum right into the boys waiting mouth and over his cute face! Lucky Tyler gets so messy!

Big Delivery - Dmitry Osten and Johannes Lars

Big Delivery – Dmitry Osten and Johannes Lars

Sexy delivery driver Dmitry Osten decides to spend a bit more time at Johannes Lars’ house for a whole lot more meat than on that pizza. Heading to the bedroom whilst the pizza gets cold, the heat turns up as they strip each other off and start devouring the thick long dicks on offer! Olive skinned Dmitry and pale young Johannes can’t get enough of each other and soon they are getting their sweet faces full of dick, sliding down their throats. Eager for more of Dmitry’s dick, Johannes spins round and presents his juicy ass to his PizzaBoy who...

Raw Talent - Kyle Ross and Ryan Bailey

Raw Talent – Kyle Ross and Ryan Bailey

Inside Helix Studios we find fresh young meat Kyle Ross and Ryan Bailey spying on super sexy Sean Ford’s steamy, nude photo shoot! His shoot is so hot it sends the boys hormones into overdrive and a hot make-out session quickly turns into the boys stripping one another down. Kyle is beautiful. He looks like he just stepped out of a California postcard, a sexy surfer type right down to his use of the word “dude.” Ryan Bailey is truly something special. This kid would fit right into a Calvin Klein photo shoot. Perfect face, full lips, strong jaw; but...

FraternityX - Toke and Fuck

FraternityX – Toke and Fuck

Three of my buddies toke and I got as stupid as we could in one of the bedrooms. I was wearing loose-fitting shorts and everyone could see me tenting my cock was in need of some attention. I’m MJ, btw with the blond mohawk and a pretty big dick. Brenden gave me a super toke and a sexy kiss. ‘Now what are you going to do for me?’ he asked. So we swapped blowjobs and Krys joined for a three-way suck. Brenden wanted to get fucked and it took some pushing to get inside his tight hole. He was really...

FraternityX - The After Party

FraternityX – The After Party

I woke up after party passing out on the sofa – we had been partying the night before. I heard noises coming from one of the bedrooms, it was Dayton and Rad. I hid behind the door with my camera. They were fucking on the floor. Dayton just slid his huge cock into that butt and started pounding. He must have been pumping for about five minutes before he realized I was filming. Dayton laid back on the floor while Rad rode his cock. ‘Hold your balls up so I can see your ass’ Dayton barked. My other dorm-mates, Ayden...