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Grateful Twink Gets A Gaping Arse Load Of Hot Sticky Spunk

Grateful Twink Gets A Gaping Arse Load Of Hot Sticky Spunk

It’s not everyone who gets the opportunity to personally thank a member of the emergency services who has helped them in a crisis situation – but that’s just what happens here when Gaping Titus Snow is able to demonstrate his gratitude to handsome fireman, Orri Gaul, for helping rescue his dog. No need for flowers or chocolates, though. Instead, Snow has his own very special reward in mind for the thick-lipped beauty; and needless to report he doesn’t waste much time in making his intentions clear. Not that you’d ever expect reticence from a fellow of Snow’s Gaping reputation, of course;...

Hot Summers Day - Ashton Summers & Leo Frost

Hot Summers Day – Ashton Summers & Leo Frost

It doesn’t get much hotter than Ashton Summers! We’ve gifted him (and you) with one of the freshest new faces on the Helix roster, Leo Frost. Little Leo is a tight blond boy with a NOT so little cock! The scene starts perfectly pervy. We get to peep through the curtains at these two sexy bastards like a peeping tom gettin’ all the goods! Soon enough we’re let inside and get so close you can smell the sweet musk of hot young guy sex. Leo lays into Ashton’s legendary appendage, worshipping the perfect piece with a gagging good gobble. Leo...

Skater Boys - Basement Buttfuckers

Skater Boys – Basement Buttfuckers

Horny as hell young skater boys screw around with their equally horny buddies in Basement Buttfuckers. Lots of kissing, sucking, fucking, sniff, piss, spanking, rimming, pissing, facial cumshot, nipple play, uncut, fetish, laddish,and foot fetish action from these insatiable twinks.

Raw Reunion - Caleb Gray & Dustin Cook

Raw Reunion – Caleb Gray & Dustin Cook

Caleb Gray Reunion just got back into town when Dustin Cook happens by, it seems these two have quite the history by the magical make out moment that happens right there on the street. You can tell Dustin has be anxiously awaiting Caleb’s arrival by the sweet way he holds his face as they kiss back at his place. The sweetness stays but takes a back seat when Gray goes down on Dustin’s dick and the raunchy rumpus begins! He pushes Caleb’s cock sucker down deeper, getting his boy to the balls before he returns the favor on his knees....

Raw and Tight - Landon Vega & Leo Frost

Raw and Tight – Landon Vega & Leo Frost

Adorable, tight Twink Leo Frost is cute cock stretching candy and hung heartthrob Landon Vega has his eyes fixed ready to pounce! He sneaks up behind the tasty morsel and gets to licking Leo’s neck, this must be his sweet spot because it immediately revved this raunchy scene up into high gear! Clothes fly off at light speed because lust has possessed pretty boy Frost who lays a mean licking down on Landon’s oversized lollipop. Vega gets into our cutie pie’s pants and puts his pretty piece through the paces before tossing the kid’s legs in the air and tossing...

Puppy Love - Jamie Ray & Bryce Foster

Puppy Love – Jamie Ray & Bryce Foster

Jamie Ray is dog sitting and takes full advantage of the adorable pooch at the dog park knowing cute doggies are straight up dick magnets. Sexy blond twink Bryce Foster takes the bait and soon the boys are back at Jamie’s acting like dogs sniffin’ butts and licking their privates! Both blonds are blessed with big boom sticks and get at one another like a dog with a bone. Slut puppy Ray lifts his legs letting Foster tongue fuck his flawlessly smooth fanny. Bryce follows up nicely with his big bare bone, sliding his huge hammer in nice and slow...

TeachTwinks - Aaron Aurora & Janusz Gol

TeachTwinks – Aaron Aurora & Janusz Gol

This is a pairing that has to be seen by fans of real fucking. Young twink Aaron Aurora is always eager to enjoy some dick, but he was especially horny for handsome and hung jock Janusz. The feeling was certainly mutual, the handsome Polish top could hardly get his jeans off before his 8-inch dick is being sucked and slurped by the sexy young man. The two enjoy their engorged cocks, but soon enough Janusz is sinking his big dick into that snug opening and giving eager Aaron an amazing fuck all over the bed. You won’t be shocked to...

Virgin Teen Boyfriend Experience - Randy Vigilante & Clay

Virgin Teen Boyfriend Experience – Randy Vigilante & Clay

Virgin Teen who ply their transaction online are jaded. They walk in the experience having a chip on their shoulder or a mindset in case it & rsquo; therefore their first time hooking up with a john. This is why I prefer firsttimers. You are in possession of a chance which he isn’t going to be a ass hole if some guy is doing it for the first time. Virgin Teen Randy was that the contrary of the circumstance situation. He had been all smiles, even downright cheerful about everything. You would have guessed he’d have been happy to do...

RaunchyBastards - When There No Pussy A Mouth Will Work

RaunchyBastards – When There No Pussy A Mouth Will Work

Danny and Tristan had just met Work five minutes before we filmed this, and you’d have thought they were old drinking buddies. Maybe it’s because they kept talking about how straight they were. Danny was particularly impressed that Tristan Work had damaged his fist the evening before in a fit of rage against a brick wall. But, yea, in another universe these two would have probably gone out to dinner and a movie first.

Cock Hungry Twink Takes It Raw - Clay & Robby Aspen

Cock Hungry Twink Takes It Raw – Clay & Robby Aspen

Robby Aspen was really enthusiastic about getting to the porn biz that after I advised him to come in, he had been phoning or texting me each 15 minutes – to days. Because I like these young and excited, I really was excited, also, needless to say. I can tell I was going to have a great deal of fun when he eventually came in for audition and a set. It was apparent from speaking to him that he was a total freak in the sheets. He told me story after story that he had been with. I knew this...