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Latin Leche – Numero 98 – Cochi

When our cameraman meets this hot Numero 98 scruffy punk, it doesn’t take much to get him to suck dick. The straightforward stud slobbers on our lucky cameraman’s uncut cock before bouncing on his raw dick and shooting a hot load all over his stomach.

Latin Leche – Numero 97 – Mauri and Felix

This week, our cameraman welcomes a sweet boy to Numero 97 Buenos Aires by offering him some cash for a slobbery, deepthroat blowjob. Then, he introduces the kid to his muscular buddy, who jackhammers his hole and drenches him in warm, creamy leche!

Latin Leche – Numero 96 – Homa and Felix

When our cameraman comes across a handsome Numero 96 guy who looks just like Kurt Cobain, he offers him some cash for a little play. The rockstar doppelganger is happy to oblige, sucking and slobbering on our tricksters dick for some pesos. Then, he swallows a load of warm, creamy leche for his grand finale!

Latin Leche – Numero 95 – Walter and Tommy

Sometimes, you just get lucky, and is definitely my Numero 95 lucky day. This absolutely stunning stud shoots me an email telling me that he wants to fuck his chiseled boyfriend for the first time on camera. Not only that, but it’s his cute boyfriend’s eighteenth birthday! I can hardly believe my eyes as I watch these gorgeous guys undressing each other, exposing their rippled muscles and beautiful cocks for the camera. The stud slides his dick in his boyfriend’s virgin hole for the first time and strokes passionately. Then, he sucks and strokes his lover to climax, taking a...

Latin Leche – Numero 94

Today, I’m hanging out with one of the cutest Numero 94 boys I know, and he is feeling especially horny. To satisfy my good friend, I decide to go on a quest for a hot guy he can fool around with on film. When I come across a quiet, good-looking stud waiting for the train, I’m certain he’s the one. I offer him some cash to come hang out with us, and he is happy to oblige. When we get back to my place, he plays with my uncut cock and lets my friend suck and slobber on his girthy...

Latin Leche – Numero 93

This handsome, straight stud looks like he is hiding Numero 93 something, and it’s not just his braces! After a little conversation, I get the vibe that he would definitely be interested in a little gay-for-pay play with me. As it turns out, he is so enticed by the offer that he is willing to suck my dick in public! The brace-faced hottie is so good at pleasing my cock, that I just have to sample the rest of his alluring body. We head back to my place and he rides my uncut dick until I am ready to burst....

Latin Leche – Numero 92

Latin Leche – Numero 92

This week, our cameraman meets a cute hipster guy Numero 92 Emi with a ponytail and can’t resist the urge to seduce him to fuck on film. The boy gets on his knees and sucks the trickster’s thick, uncut cock before spreading his legs and taking a bareback pounding!

Latin Leche – Numero 91

I’ve always fantasized about seducing an Uber driver, and today looks like Numero 91 the day that this dream will manifest. My handsome driver is a little shy about having his face shown on film, because he doesn’t want people to know he’s willing to play around with other guys for cash. But once we head to the shore to meet a couple of naughty guys, he loosens up a little. I introduce the driver and another horny stranger to a gorgeous, muscular guy, and they fill his mouth with both of their uncut cocks. Then, they take turns jackhammering...

Latin Leche – Numero 90

Something about artsy guys Numero 90 turns me on, and when this cute hipster kid shows up to view the room I posted for rent online, I am totally drawn by his scruffy aesthetic. He is interested in moving in right away, so I tell him a bit about what to expect if he’s going to live with me. One thing is that I like to be naked when I’m at home. Luckily, the boy reveals he too, enjoys being nude in his home. Before I know it, the two of us are completely undressed and he is slobbering on...

Latin Leche – Numero 89

I have definitely become a Numero 89 professional at what I do…but even I run into a roadblock every now and then. Today, this curly-haired cutie just doesn’t seem to be in the mood to play around with me. That’s why I call in the big guns – my favorite stud, Kendro. The irresistible, tattooed hottie lays down next to the prudish boy and suddenly, his whole mood changes. He pulls the boy’s uncut cock out of his jeans and licks the shaft eagerly. Then, he invites me to join in on the fun, watching as I fuck the kid’s...