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LatinLeche – Numero 7

Not every guy says yes to being filmed. It can be hard to get someone to say yes. This camera Numero 7 man doesn’t let a “no” stop him from looking for his next hot subject. This time, he finds a sexy, young boy on his way home from buying flowers for his girlfriend. He has a baby face and a man’s body. Such a hot combo! He’s nervous about being on camera at first, but the promise of cash in hands is enough to seduce this shy straight guy. Within minutes, he’s taking off his clothes and stroking his...

LatinLeche – Numero 6

It’s another good day for the horny cameraman! He goes out and finds a sexy young man sitting alone. The guy Numero 6 does not want to talk at first, but when the man behind the camera pulls out his handful of cash, he says okay. He answers a lot of questions, even about how much he fucks his girlfriend! For more money, he goes back to the guy’s place and lets him touch him all over. Not only does he have a beautiful, tight body, but he’s got a perfect cock, nice and thick. You can tell he’s not...

LatinLeche - Numero 5

LatinLeche – Numero 5

When I was walking around looking for guys for my videos, I saw this beautiful boy hanging out on the street Numero 5 giving me a flirty look. His red shorts were so small and thin I could almost see his cock! He was cruising me hard and I was so into him! It was clear he wanted to fool around, but I wanted to make sure I got him on film. He was unsure about making a video, but when I gave him a couple bucks, he agreed. He was so horny to suck and get fucked that I...

LatinLeche - Numero 4

LatinLeche – Numero 4

There’s nothing like a hot latin Numero 4 guy with smooth, tan muscles. In this week’s update, the horny camera man comes across a sexy jock walking around town. The guy says he’s been on camera before, having sex and jerking off. Once he’s offered a little money, he’s super willing to be on camera again! He’s brought back for a private session where he shows off his perfect, toned body and round, caramel ass. After a couple more cash incentives, he’s expertly sucking the camera man’s cock and taking it between those perfect, hairy globes!

LatinLeche - Numero 3

LatinLeche – Numero 3

I saw this sexy Numero 3 stud at the park and I knew I had to have him. I was surprised how easy it was to talk him into going somewhere private with me to jerk off. He didn’t want to do more, but being on camera turned him on. I finally offered him the big bucks and plowed his hole.

LatinLeche - Numero 1

LatinLeche – Numero 1

In the first installment of Latin Leche, a cute straight guy on his way to work is followed by the horny videographer. He’s very Numero 1 sweet and friendly, willing to talk on camera about anything, even sex and masturbation. He gets a little hesitant when asked to jerk off on camera, but when he’s offered a hand full of cash, he can’t pass up the opportunity for a quick buck. Soon, he’s stripping down and sucking cock, all thinking it’s still a documentary!

LatinLeche - Numero 2

LatinLeche – Numero 2

For guys who only ever top, bottoming can seem scary and painful. And Numero 2 because of that, seeing them take it makes it even more exciting. Our favorite documentarian found a tall, beautiful guy on the street who said he’d really only ever topped. Naturally, the cameraman took this as a challenge and asked him to be part of his series. The guy agreed to jerk off, but I had no idea what would come next. With a few cash incentives, he does more and more, eventually coming to the point of no return and spreading his hole for the...