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LatinLeche – Numero 64

My guy is one of the hottest men I know, so I am not Numero 64 surprised that his ex is still hung up on him. I mean, with that beautiful face and all those sexy tats, who could blame him? So when he invites his ex to his birthday party, I’m a little jealous. Sure enough, when they start talking, the attraction is obvious. They look like they are ready to eat each other up… Numero 64 and pretty soon, they do! My boy gets down on his knees and bobs his head up and down on his ex’s...

LatinLeche – Numero 63

It warms my heart to see my Numero 63 favorite studs getting along. On our weekend-long resort vacation, I can tell they are starting to grow on each other – quite literally! These two sexy fuckers are hanging out at the pool when they decide to play a naughty game. They hold each other’s cocks to see who gets a boner first. The tatted cutie’s cock gets harder than a rock, making him the loser… but I don’t know what he’s losing, because he still gets to slide his hard dick inside our friend’s smooth hole, pumping his butt raw...

LatinLeche – Numero 61

This week Numero 61, our cameraman rewarded some of his favorite cock-hungry Latino studs with a getaway at a five-star resort. He filmed as the sexy boys played with each other’s chiseled bodies, licking and sucking to their hearts’ content. Then, one hunk fucked the other’s smooth hole raw, covering his butt in hot leche!

LatinLeche – Numero 55

A nervous Numero 55 stud is looking to have some photographs taken, but our trickster cameraman wants to get a good look. He pays the sexy latino to stick his fat, uncut cock in his mouth, and then pounds the hunk’s asshole before letting out a heap of hot leche in the man ’s mouth!

LatinLeche – Numero 54

This Numero 54 crusty punk wants to rent a room from our cameraman, however he has no money. Luckily, our trickster figures out a repayment plan. The kid sucks his uncut penis then bends over to take a pummeling within his youthful Latino hole!

LatinLeche – Numero 53

Our Numero 53 camera-man adored the way this handsome, alt stud sucked his prick that he encouraged him some more gay for pay pleasure. Now this returning scruffy punk is shooting two dicks at the same time, proving a small cash can get him to some position our trickster wants!

LatinLeche – Numero 52

Our trickster Numero 52 cameraman sets up some clandestine cock-sucking in an abandoned building, and things get hot quickly! For a few dollars, he films as a sexy Latino twink sucks a straight stud’s horse-cock and then penetrates the child ’s tight sphincter before feeding him a mouthful of hot leche!

LatinLeche – Numero 51

An directly Numero 51 stud is ashamed when our cameraman compliments his good looks on the road. But if he offers this hot Latino some dough to simply take off his sunglasses and suck dick, there’s he’s overly bashful to! See as this man sucks dick, normally takes it up the buttocks, and swallows a warm load of leche.

LatinLeche – Numero 50

Under Numero 50 the cover of night, our cameraman convinces a cute guy to suck on his dick in the dark. But he has a friend staying over, and when he finds what’s moving on matters get even more interesting. This horny slumber party also includes a large load of steaming leche!

LatinLeche – Numero 48

Numero 48 Boy, did we get lucky today! We gave this cute straight guy some cash to pull his cock out, and it was gigantic — even for our cameraman’s criteria! For a few more dollars, he agrees to pull down his pants, take it from behind, and take his juicy load of leche when playing a returning stud’s uncut dick. How hot is that?