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RaunchyBastards - When There No Pussy A Mouth Will Work

RaunchyBastards – When There No Pussy A Mouth Will Work

Danny and Tristan had just met Work five minutes before we filmed this, and you’d have thought they were old drinking buddies. Maybe it’s because they kept talking about how straight they were. Danny was particularly impressed that Tristan Work had damaged his fist the evening before in a fit of rage against a brick wall. But, yea, in another universe these two would have probably gone out to dinner and a movie first.

Cock Hungry Twink Takes It Raw - Clay & Robby Aspen

Cock Hungry Twink Takes It Raw – Clay & Robby Aspen

Robby Aspen was really enthusiastic about getting to the porn biz that after I advised him to come in, he had been phoning or texting me each 15 minutes – to days. Because I like these young and excited, I really was excited, also, needless to say. I can tell I was going to have a great deal of fun when he eventually came in for audition and a set. It was apparent from speaking to him that he was a total freak in the sheets. He told me story after story that he had been with. I knew this...

Czech Hunter 329 - Twink is always hungry for raw cock

Czech Hunter 329

Today I walked around a local gym at the right time. A very cute dude almost Czech Hunter 329 bumped into me as he rushed out of the exit. He probably couldn’t wait to drink his delicious protein shake. We started chatting. This boy was probably the most cheerful guy I met in a log time. I managed to get some basic info out of him, including a bit nasty things regarding his girlfriend and their sex life. The boy was unemployed, trying to get by. When we were walking through an empty park, I decided to strike. I wanted to...

My10Inches - Fucking Pheonix Fellington

My10Inches – Fucking Pheonix Fellington

Pheonix Fellington gets stretched to his limits by Rocco’s cock. Watch him realize just how big it really is when he tries to deepthroat Rocco and can barely get his mouth around that meaty cock. He couldn’t take Rocco’s dick more than halfway sitting on it either, but nevertheless Pheonix persisted and is rewarded with a nice thick cumshot.

LatinBoyz - Naked Latino Twinks Andres

LatinBoyz – Naked Latino Twinks Andres

Our photographer saw Andres at the beach and did everything he could think of except begging to convince him to model for LatinBoyz. OK, there is a confession a requirement… There may have been some begging involved. Actually lots of begging, but we believe you will agree that it was worth the effort!

BlackboyAddictionz - Tiny Teen Fucked Bareback in his Room

BlackboyAddictionz – Tiny Teen Fucked Bareback in his Room

I had already asked Tiny Teen Mello to participate in Apollo’s much-anticipated imperfect whereabouts with a mock when I remembered that he’d burnt- a year in the flotilla pursuing his boxing zoom. This provided a desirable “ice-breaker” the agitated co-stars, and curtly after intersection after the deeply earliest linger, Apollo and Mello outlive swapping stories close to their unceasingly a once in the assignment, including an enjoyable review approximately the stereotypes and dissension between the Army and flotilla.

Debt Dandy 211 - Gay stripper teasing the guys at party

Debt Dandy 211

This boy was very lucky. He found a girl he loved, she was Debt Dandy 211 hard working and her mother let them stay at a flat she owned. Starting a family is not easy but his rich and hard working girlfriend made it easier. Still, our boy managed to screw things up. They both put their money together to furnish the new home. The boy had some debts she didn’t know about and they were coming due. So he simply used part of their money. He dodged one problem only to get into more serious one. He was even...

Debt Dandy 210 - College frat party boys suck cock

Debt Dandy 210

I got an email from a young boy who needed money to solve a problem Debt Dandy 210 caused by his stupidity. He got money from his grandparents for a vacation. Unfortunately, his friends talked him into a wild night with gambling and hookers. Apparently it was quite a night but it left him completely broke. He was supposed to pay the vacation the next day and leave the day after that. His girlfriend and parents would get very angry if they found out about his party night. He needed only 15 000, so I had to be extra charming...

Debt Dandy 209 - Team gets sucked at a business meeting

Debt Dandy 209

This meeting started quite ordinary. The boy was living at his sister for some time Debt Dandy 209 and definitely outstayed his welcome. Not paying her any rent was probably the main reason. She wanted 10 000 and him out by Friday. He found a new flat but needed money to pay the deposit and rent for the first month. He was broke so he asked me for help. He wasn’t happy about my special deal but 30 000 was too good to let the offer go. In the same moment he agreed, his girlfriend showed up behind the doors!...

Debt Dandy 208 - The gay worker who wanted to fuck

Debt Dandy 208

This boy had a little affair at work and his girlfriend Debt Dandy 208 found out about it. She left him to think and decide what he really wanted. He got three days to decide while she was staying at her parents. On the first night, our guy was very angry and confused so he went drinking with friends. They got pretty wasted and decided to race with their cars. Our boy was driving his girlfriend’s car and crashed it. Nothing serious but he needed money for the repair quickly. He was certain that his girlfriend would break up with...