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Joel Vargas

Joel Vargas Barebacks Andy West

Sexy Joel Vargas and Andy West kiss intensely while feeling each other’s amazing bodies. Joel takes Andy’s shirt off and plays with a nipple. Andy gets on his knees and makes his way down to Joel’s cock. Andy sucks on Joel’s huge uncut cock and licks his balls. Joel takes his turn on Andy’s cock by wrapping his lips around and sucking. They kiss before Joel sits on the couch and Andy climbs on top riding his raw cock bareback. Joel lays on the couch and Andy gets on top of him and fills his ass with cock. They mix...

Top Dog

Top Dog Dealer Punishes Lad with a Pounding

Horny and hairy scally drug dealer Fraser Jacs calls up slim chav lad Thierry and doles out some hardcore punishment for stealing his money! He forces his hard, fat cock down the slender boy’s throat and face fucks him hard, before spreading his legs and hungrily munching on his tight, smooth arse, getting it ready for a hardcore pounding! The masculine lad uses his strong arms to hold apart the boy’s thighs before shoving his huge dick deep inside and fucking him rough and hard, getting him to moan and squirm with pleasure!

Debt Dandy 134

Debt Dandy 134

Another young boy who overestimated his financial means. Why save money when you want a TV or some other unnecessary stuff? Simply borrow the money and buy anything you desire. Just don’t cry when you suddenly loose your job. The only thing that saved this boy was his girlfriend working her fingers to the bone to provide for both of them. I see that often these days. Men aren’t really men anymore. I offered him an elegant solution, as usual. He was disgusted by the offer! I don’t hear such strong words very often. I guess he was scared it...

Justin Mounts Mickey

Justin Mounts Mickey

Small dark and delicious, 8teenboy newcomer Mickey Ramirez is 5 foot 8 inches of twink perfection and makes the day of hot top & bedroom drillmaster Justin Cross in Mickey’s raw dawg debut. Young, fit & fat-cocked, Cross calls the shots and as usual, delivers the goods confidently & condom-free in another beautiful bareback bed-rocker.

Riding the pole

Riding the pole

Justin King is pushed hard by Dominic North. Only the best dancers get to dance at Black’s and director Dominic makes them practice their routines to perfection, he won’t settle for less. Dominic also appreciates a perfect ass and Justin knows just how to move his to drive Dominic wild with lust. Within a few slick moves, he swaps riding one pole for another. It’s tough at the top.

Denis Reed

Denis Reed and Trent Tarzan

Trent Tarzan was enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon after a hard night of partying the night before. Little did he know his fuck buddy Denis Reed wanted an ass fucking session and had let himself into his apartment! Denis started playing with Trent’s hard muscled body and Trent wound up with Denis’s throbbing uncut cock shoved in his face for him to service! Denis’s hot cock got totally erect when Trent got on all fours exposing that tight muscle hole and begging for some raw cock. Denis slid his fuck stick in that tight hole and starting pounding away opening...


William & Clark

William is the perfect bottom boy. He’s young and cute, and he loves to get fucked. Plus, he’s a gymnast so he’s very, very flexible! I was amazed to see how high he got his butt into the air, allowing our swimmer boy Clark to plunge his cock in deep…

The Puppy

The Puppy and The Pornstar

Directing this video was a real treat for me because I love to make our fans happy. One of our biggest fans is our, Puppy. He’s been a fan for a long time and he even starred in another video with us called. One of Puppy’s biggest porn crushes is hefty-uncut-weiner-wielding, Hans Berlin. We just happened to have met Hans the year before on Fire Island. Hans is such a great guy so Hunter and I flew him in with a few other super porn stars for a shoot. While we were in-between shoots, we decided to make Puppy’s porn...

Jogos Cariocas 3

Jogos Cariocas 3

Back to Rio with director Ettore Tosi for more Brazilian beef. “Everything is bigger in Rio”, says Ettore. “The muscles, the cocks, the bubble butts…” In this 3rd chapter of “Jogos Cariocas”, muscle stud Alex tops power bottom Andy. Alex may be 100% straight, but who cares, really? He had no problems getting it up –and keeping it hard– for his insatiable partner. All the while showing off his HOT, HOT body!

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