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Ty Royal

Ty Royal And Taylor Pierce

Ty Royal seems more assertive, but it’s Taylor Pierce who reaches for Ty’s big dick first, grabbing at it over Ty’s clothes before pulling his boxers down and wrapping his wet mouth around it! Ty pushes Taylor’s mouth farther down over his cock, running a hand along Taylor’s body, feeling those muscles work as he strokes Ty’s prick. Ty gets a mouthful of sweet cock next as he leans down and sucks Taylor off, playing with his balls before flipping him around and eating Taylor’s tight little ass! As much as Taylor loves that rimjob, Ty wants to fuck and...

Straight Boy

Straight Boy Wants His Dick Sucked

Hunky young Brute Club uses his spare time in a place he’s heard you can get your dick sucked within minutes and not even think about who’s doing it. He knows men do it better, but what’s a straight lad to do? The gloryhole is the perfect place, and as he turns himself on at the thought of a hot blow, sticks his dick through and waits patiently for anyone to take it. He doesn’t have to wait long as cute young Alexis, dark featured and with a sexy twink come sleaze look. He strokes the thick long shaft, not...

Lito Cruz

Lito Cruz and Danny Lopez

Not long ago we had Lito on our site for the first time and you all wanted him back, so here he is in another hot bareback vid. He chose Danny Lopez as his victim and if you look at Danny´s butt you know why :o) Lito fucked Danny so good that he came without even touching his cock. And because he was such a good bottom boy, Lito rewarded him with a big load right in his hole!

Tim Kruger

Tim Kruger & Emir Bosatto

New Timtales Man Emir Bosatto is not new to getting filmed. He has already starred in a Big Brother Show in Argentina. But his sensational Timtales Debut in a Scene with Tim speaks for itself. A confident super hot Muscle Man who knows how to take big Cock and likes to show off his goods. Together with Tim he made sure that you will have 30 minutes of pleasure with him now when you hit play.


Nico Gets Some Cum In His Hole

It goes without saying that Nico and Andy make a great team when it comes to enjoying some bareback action. We’re invited in late one night as the guys film some of their own action, with some great POV as Nico gets sucking on that rock solid dick. Andy has a gorgeous cock, delicious too (take my word for it!) and it’s clear that young Nico can’t get enough. With his ass out for licking he sits on his lovers face and takes a ride, but that’s just a prelude to the real action. Andy aims his dick at that...

JR Bronson

JR Bronson & Marcus Ruhl

With their lips locked, the scruffy chin of JR Bronson grazes Marcus Ruhl’s face. After opening his own fly, JR is quick to his knees—one hand on Marcus’ beefy pec, the other on his groin. JR releases the dark and handsome stud’s big, floppy cock—immediately sucking the uncut slab. Marcus puts his hands on the back of JR’s head, fucking his face. The breathless sucker comes up for air, a strand of spit connecting his mouth to the wet cock. Marcus sucks him back, JR’s fuzzy pecs looking down on him. JR bends over the workbench to get his smooth...

Bo Bangor

Dalton Hawg and Bo Bangor

It took awhile to get this scene scheduled but it was worth the wait to get these two sexy men back on the camera again. We knew how hot they would be for each other since they haven’t played in such a long time. We got these guys in a dungeon and called action. That was all we had to say. Kissing, sucking cock and rimming was the warm up for Bo to take Dalton’s thick cock with ease. The energy in the room told us just how much fun these guys were having. That and the 2 foot cum...

Massive Cocks

Massive Cocks at Boyberry

It is time to close the sex club but two guys are still there and show no signs of stopping. Edu Marin and Ricky Ramos are horny as hell and making out when they pull Spanish twink Giuliano Giusepino towards them. With the pretty young attendant on his knees before them, the two hot men are prepared to stay as long as it takes for them to get their massive cocks sucked by Giuliano Giusepino. This scene has tons of wild deepthroat cocksucking, spanking, sneaker licking, butthole rimming and deep fucking. After a full shift at the sex club Giuliano...


Oscar Feed Me His New Year First Load

Oscar promised me that he was coming back after New Year’s, but I didn’t want to mention it to any of the Hunters… as many of you, including myself, have fallen for this sexy Puerto Rican macho, and I didn’t want to create expectations, and perhaps be disappointed…but he kept his word and I really appreciate that. A young guy like him, and he did not only keep his word about coming back, but he also fed me his New Year load as he had promised me. Wow, and what a load! Enough to have a facial, eat some, and...

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