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Горячая гей пара которая трахается на полу

Горячая гей пара которая трахается на полу

Это хорошая гей сцена между двумя влюбленными, которые любят играть друг с другом и возбуждаться вместе. Порником, что никого не оставит бездыханное, когда парни трахают фокус друг с другом.

Taking His First Dick - Markie More & Mark Long

Taking His First Dick – Markie More & Mark Long

With the sun beating down on him and the long day of work taking its toll, Mark Long takes five to go take a leak behind the barn, but figures that, while he’s there, he may as well rub one out and get back to work, so he dials up some eye candy on his phone and begins to go to town, unaware that property owner Markie More is just around the corner looking for him. Markie More happens across Mark leaning and jerking, and commences to spy on him, rubbing his own cock in eager approval as he watches...

Blueprint - Dirk Caber & Adam Ramzi

Blueprint – Dirk Caber & Adam Ramzi

Dirk Caber and Adam Ramzi: Plumber Dirk Caber looks at landscape designer Adam Ramzi’s blueprints…but gets distracted by his ass. Adam needs a big pipe for his plan. “Like how big? Eight inches?” asks Dirk. “Eight inches would be good,” smiles Adam, the two locking lips as they rub each other’s bodies. Adam fucks Dirk’s face, the two then kissing and pulling each other’s nips as they face off in hot swordplay. Adam deep throats Dirk, then gets his hole munched and fucked. Adam sits down on Dirk’s dick, his own cock bobbing back and forth as he rides. Dirk...

Czech Hunter 252

Czech Hunter 252

There are only two types of joggers: those who want to get in shape, and cuties who want to stay in shape. Czech Hunter 252 this one was the latter. It wasn’t easy to run next him, he was really fast. But the effort was worth it. If you’re into young good looking beefcakes, you will love this adventure. We started with some workout, we had pull-ups and push-ups. Then I made him to work on my cock, exercising his hand and facial muscles. And we ended the routine by stretching again, of course. I just hope I didn’t stretch...

Ashton Summers Fucks Levi Karter

Ashton Summers Fucks Levi Karter

Levi Karter meets up with Cockyboys newcomer Ashton Summers for a little fun in the forest before swapping blowjobs outside sitting on a fence. Ashton can only moan and enjoy the ride as his enormous 8.5 inch uncut cock slides down Levi’s throat. But he’s not greedy so he turns Ashton around and sucks his rock hard cock like there’s no tomorrow. It’s getting a little chilly out so the two head back inside to the bedroom and turn up the heat. These two are totally into each other and after some passionate kissing Ashton dives on that enormous cock...

Jacob Breeds Ross - Jacob Taylor & Ross Wilcox

Jacob Breeds Ross – Jacob Taylor & Ross Wilcox

Ross Wilcox loves getting fucked bareback by big cocks, but add the 210lbs that is Jacob Taylor behind that, and he’s in heaven. Ross Wilcox goes from rubbing and feeling Jacob’s chest, to grabbing and slapping it as Jacob has him on his back fucking him balls deep. Ross is the definition of an insatiable bottom. But Jacob’s 8″ uncut cock is no joke though – Ross unexpectedly came a little while he was riding it, and then Jacob literally doggystyle-fucked the cum out of him handsfree! 

Introducing Sean Ford - Evan Parker and Sean Ford

Introducing Sean Ford – Evan Parker and Sean Ford

Introducing Sean Ford. Sean is a 19 year old Arkansas native and a gorgeous, green eyed boy-god. In this, Sean’s introductory scene, conducting the opening interview is the ever so smooth & precious Evan Parker. The boys discuss Sean’s coming out, his passion for dancing at the club and his fetish for athletic wear and the jocks who sport it. Then, we join twink top, Evan Parker as he takes Sean Ford to a setting that’s a bit more intimate and christens the beautiful young rookie with his cock.

Gutter Pup - Marxel Rios and Austin Chandler

Gutter Pup – Marxel Rios and Austin Chandler

Marxel Rios is trying to hitch a ride again out in the streets and Austin Chandler is just coming off work when he sees him standing on the side of the road freezing. Austin Chandler asks him if he needs a place to stay and Marxel Rios would love one so he follows him to his friends warehouse where there is a bed waiting but in order to use it Marxel has to bend that sweet ass over and get fucked. Austin tells him to get down on his knees and start sucking his cock so once it’s nice and...

Andy West and Julius Taylor

Andy West and Julius Taylor

We have got a great match here at Randy Blue Universe. Two hot Andy West and Julius Taylor and beefy hunks. One is ripped and beefy and blonde. One is shredded beefy and brunette. They slowly strip for one another. Staring at each other as the clothes slowly disappear, they begin to get turned on. By the time they release their cocks from their jeans, they cannot hold back any longer. They begin to make out furiously, letting their tongues wrestle as they strip the final remnants of their clothes off. Then they take turns sucking each other’s uncut cocks....

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